Sofia’s Spring Cleaning Guide (For Life)

It’s officially spring! We’re shaking off sluggish gray skies (at least until the next late-season blizzard) and embracing spring’s fresh energy. You might have caught our spring cleaning guide, but now we’re taking it a step further.

Here’s the thing – the transition from winter is our favorite time to purge and declutter our life. And, nowadays, technology makes simplifying your life and space more – well – simple. Some can even make you money…vacation fund, anyone? Let’s get organized one app at a time, shall we?  

Letting Go

When all of your stuff starts to feel old to you, repurpose it and make it new to someone else. There are a few apps we love for letting go of an old dresser (or whatever) and making a buck or two. Letgo is a platform for selling nearly anything in just a few seconds. Plus, it has tens of millions of users so your items get a lot more exposure. The in-app chat feature allows you to chat directly with potential buyers and you can also scope out the user reviews and ratings. Listing items is as simple as taking a photo. (Free, iOS and Android)

Decluttering your space is so satisfying, there’s an app named Decluttr. Decluttr allows you to sell things like old phones, books, DVDs, CDs, computers, and even Legos. Simply scan the barcodes and Decluttr instantly gives you an offer price. They also offer free shipping. (Free, iOS and Android)

Too often we forget that there could be cash in our closets (and drawers). When you have gently used clothes, there are several apps that help you earn a few bucks. Pick your platform based on your loot, and sort your pile according to resale or donation. When donating your items, consider checking to see if there are any organizations in need of direct donations.

Organization Apps

Organizing can prove a struggle for those of us who skew more to the disorganized side. Luckily, there’s an app for that.

No more searching for (or sifting through) manuals when the washer goes kaput. Centriq is a storage platform for virtual manuals, warranties and instruction guides. All you have to do is snap a photo of the product nameplate and the app stores the manual, manages service providers and sends you reminders for product upkeep. (Free, iOS and Android

With security and data breaches on the rise, virtual access is increasingly prompting password-strengthening changes. The result can be locked-out frustrations unless you diligently enter everything into a spreadsheet. Enter, The Vault app. It’s a secure, encrypted platform that stores your passwords as well as your IDs, credit card images and important documents. (Free, iOS and Android

Storage organization solutions don’t have to be expensive Container Store systems. Pinterest is an excellent app for finding inspiration for DIY or cheap hacks for storage and organization.

Making Memories

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but storing them is a space suck. For best, orderly keeping store life’s moments in Google Photos. It’s easy to use and the search function automatically detects people or objects. (Free, iOS or Android)

Families can store, and share, things like school artwork and projects that clutter the fridge with Keepy. The app allows you to share with the grandparents and declutter the build up. (Free, iOS or Android)   


Writing things down is [scientifically] proven to improve memory. Evernote is an indispensable app that functions as a virtual notebook for life organization. The app lets you to snap photos of handwritten lists, create digital lists (and search the text of both), and compiles images, documents, links. (Free, iOS and Android).

Wunderlist is a favorite app that lets you digitize your honey-do lists. The app allows you to share tasks, set reminders and plan projects so that your house (or small business) runs smoothly. (Free, iOS or Android). Our Home is another digital family planner connecting your house on one platform. The app syncs calendars, coordinates chores and homework sessions, and organizes grocery lists – all while incentivizing meeting goals through a point system. (Free, iOS and Android

Tired of wasting food (and money)? The Fridge tracks the contents of your fridge and pantry. It also alerts you when food is near expiration and supplies recipes for the array of ingredients in your list. (Free, iOS and Android


Shoeboxed is a paid service that lets you snap receipts and store the data in categories for tax and expense reporting. This means that you can kiss that receipt box goodbye. 

Hopefully, you won’t have a reason to use it, but compiling a list of your possessions, both at home and for travel purposes, can pay off big in an emergency. Sortly creates a digital inventory of your material things (along with price, warranty status and location). Should you need to send an insurance adjuster a list, don’t worry – it’s all in one handy app.(Free, iOS and Android)

Getting Feng-ky with It

If you find yourself a bit restless or your energy is somewhat off, it’s a great time to set a “Therapy Thursday” date with a girlfriend and a bottle of vino. The purpose? To feng shui your space. Pull up the Feng Shui DIY app and get to work creating an atmosphere of health, harmony and success.