The Benefits of Using Plant-Based (i.e. Green) Cleaners

 Sofia’s Soy Cleaner For Domestic Use

As the number of green (i.e. plant-based) cleaners on the market increases so does debate over perceivable benefits (and if they really clean as well as traditional cleaners). So what is the big deal with green products? Arguably, the most significant benefit is the health value of not using toxic materials to clean your home.

Plant-based cleaners contain no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants, or other harsh chemicals. Obviously avoiding these contaminants benefits you – and your children’s – health. Sofia’s Soy Cleaner uses soybean oil to make a house-friendly cleaner, limiting the toxins absorbed by the skin or breath. Plant-based cleaners also reduce headaches, allergies and other symptoms associated with toxic chemicals. Asthma, in particular, is less irritated by green cleaners.

 “Studies have shown that using a household cleaning spray, even as little as once a week, raises the risk of developing asthma. Snow says that using green cleaning products can reduce the chances of developing asthma, which today is the most common chronic illness and the leading cause of school absences due to chronic illness across the country.” – 7 Benefits Of Green Cleaning

Soy as a cleaning component is also safer than conventional cleaning products as it does not cause chemical burns to the skin and eyes. For those with sensitive noses, plant-based cleaners don’t have a strong chemical odor. Bonus: you can add essential oils to Sofia’s to create any aroma that you like, but that’s another blog post. Sofia’s Soy Cleaner is not only safe for the humans in your family, it is also non-toxic for your fur family.

The Battle over [Anti] Bacterial

The green versus conventional cleaner debate always touches on the use of antibacterial soaps to eliminate germs (food-borne and otherwise). What’s interesting is that the FDA has determined that antibacterial soaps are not any more disinfecting than regular soap. In fact, significant exposure to antibiotics has concerned the medical world as antibiotic resistance continues to grow in the Western world. Additionally, the antibacterial agent Triclosan has been linked to negative impact on the hormonal and thyroid.

Most antibiotics are consumed through food or the over-prescription of medications, however, limiting your exposure to them never hurts. Enter green products. Sofia’s Soy Cleaner is safe for countertops, refrigerators and other food prep surfaces in jeopardy of toxic exposure. Should you need to disinfect an area, you can look to your medicine cabinet for a safe, affordable anti-microbial. Use a hydrogen peroxide mixture to sanitize, then follow up with Sofia’s all-purpose cleaner for shine.

Knowledge is [Plant] Power

Sofia’s has only five ingredients, which are all listed right there on the bottle (water, surfactant, soybean oil extract, and co-solvent). Though the government does not require cleaning products to list ingredients, it’s important to us that customers know – and trust – what they are using in their homes.

Sofia’s Soy Cleaner for Commercial Use

The benefits of plant-based cleaners do not end at home; commercial and small business owners greatly benefit from switching to a green approach. Industries that are a particularly good match for a green approach are printing, manufacturing, automotive, and microprocessing plants. Essentially, any commercial space that does not need to meet food and beverage specifications is prime for Sofia’s Soy Cleaner. When companies replace petroleum-based cleaners with plant-based cleaners, they reduce workers’ risk of contacting toxic substances. In doing so, companies prevent symptoms caused by toxic chemicals in conventional cleaners like headaches, blurred vision, bone marrow and reproductive health damage.

In fact, Sofia’s was originally developed for a commercial customer of Pro Floor Design, an epoxy flooring installer. The customer was looking for an effective neutral cleaner to remove black scuff marks from epoxy flooring. The soy formula cut scuff and grime, leaving a lustrous shine.

“Along with powerful cleaning, soy-based cleaning products offer safety for the people applying them because they do not contain petroleum distillates, which are central-nervous-system depressants and can have adverse effects on the kidneys and liver.” – United Soybean Board

Plants are Better for the Environment

Soy is both renewable and environmentally friendly ingredient of a green cleaner. It’s a responsible raw material choice that helps to reduce pollution to our waterways and air. Green cleaners also minimize ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals releasing into the atmosphere. Sofia’s packaging is also fully recyclable.

But…does green actually clean?  

The Florida Department of Environment Protection reported that green cleaners typically require less product per application to clean an area. Additionally, Sofia’s is an all-purpose cleaner. This means that you only need one cleaner (versus multiple) for the primary function of cutting grease, grime and dirt. Another study by William Nazaroff and Charles Weschler found that green cleaning products are as effective (relatively) at achieving cleanliness as non-green cleaners, according to Rice Catalyst. Bonus, Sofia’s is all-purpose, so you only need one cleaner versus one cleaner for each grimy task.