Five Reasons Why Sofia’s is the Best Household Cleaner for the Busy Bee

Cleaning is the necessary evil of every household and, let’s face it, life’s messy. The calendar is jam-packed and you’re constantly on the go bouncing between work and balancing your personal life. We’re on a perpetual goose chase to figure out how to crush the work day, kill the PiYo class, make that board meeting, publish that blog post, and meal prep healthy sustenance like a champ while making time for family, friends and self-care. But, one thing we no longer have to search for – the perfect household cleaner to fit into our busy lives.

So Fresh and So Clean

Sofia’s Soy Cleaner is a powerful all-purpose cleaner. It’s so powerful that it can replace most of your other cleaners, saving you space and money. The soy compound was formulated to remove black scuff marks from epoxy floors, and it performed so well, it earned itself a spot on our shelves. Sofia’s not only whitens and brightens; it cuts grease and grime effectively and quickly, leaving a luxurious shine.

Closeup on young woman cleaning desk in bathroom

Safety First

No one likes splashing their home’s surfaces with poison, us included. So we made Sofia’s Soy Cleaner from non-toxic, plant-based components without dyes or synthetic fragrances. It’s derived from soy and is safe for use anywhere kids, pets, food – or you – touch.


Earth is our home, and we ought to be good to her. If you can make a powerful cleaner that is also environmentally friendly – well, why wouldn’t you? Sofia’s is plant-based, naturally derived, non-toxic and biodegradable. It’s ethically and consciously derived for safety — not just for you, but for the environment.

Making Lemonade

Automation is awesome. It saves us time and makes our lives easier. Sadly, most chores aren’t digital (or are costly to outsource). A Roomba can suck up dirt all day long, but the floors will still need mopping on Saturday. We’re entrepreneurs too; we know the value of that extra 20 minutes. Sofia’s cuts grime quickly, giving you back your time — so you can spend it on better things than scrubbing and funnel savings from outsourcing to your next vacation. Bonus, skip the trip to the store. Sofia’s is available online and conveniently ships straight to your door.

Woman cleaning stains off the table, close up photo

Bang For Your Buck

Sofia’s is a gentle household cleaner that can be used on almost all of your surfaces. Though you will still need some anti-microbial wipes, there is very little need to build an arsenal of cleaners. Powerful enough to use in the garage, gentle enough for cleaning the kitchen — it’s the perfect all-purpose cleaner for almost any function, simplifying your life and space without taking a bite out of your budget.

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