Introducing Sofia’s Soy Cleaner: A Powerful, Plant-based All-Purpose Cleaner

Sofia’s Soy Cleaner, a green all-purpose cleaner, started out as a solution to a problem. Customers of an epoxy flooring installation company (Pro Floor Design), were searching for a cleaner that could effectively remove black scuff marks from their epoxy floor. They took their search to the source, chatting with Tom Wolski – the owner-operator, about what cleaning solutions would best fit their needs and leave their floors shiny.

Tom brooded over the options with his chemist. They wanted a neutral cleaner, that was strong enough to cut through scuff marks without demanding a ton of elbow grease (or in this case, industrial mop and polishing equipment). Sure, they could send recommendations for the standard cleaning solutions, but why not customize a cleaner with the same chemist who formulates the epoxy? Besides efficacy, neutral and safety were paramount in the formulations. To preserve the life of the epoxy floors, the team turned to plant-based elements to build a powerful solution that is non-toxic both to the earth and to humans.

“The best things happen by chance because that’s life.”

Eventually, they formulated a neutral, plant-based cleaner that removed the marks in no time and left the floors gleaming. Satisfied with its efficacy on epoxy flooring, Wolski tested the green cleaning solution on other surfaces. First the counters and cash wrap, then at home in the shower, then sinks and the kitchen. The results were wonderfully clean surfaces. Not only did the cleaner whiten and brighten, it cut grease and grime effectively and quickly.

Naturally, Tom wanted to share this cleaning all-star outside his client base – after all, everyone deserves a clean home and a little extra time to enjoy that luxurious shine. Thus, Sofia’s Soy Cleaner was born. Shortly after, Sofia’s pitched it’s all-purpose, green cleaning solution to Walmart and was accepted into their online offerings. It’s now available for purchase both for residential and commercial use either directly from Sofia’s or

Are you excited to make your home safer and more beautiful (and save time in the process) in 2018?Here are some of the reasons that you want to check out this non-toxic cleaner for your home or business this spring cleaning! So long as supplies last, we are happy to send you a sample of Sofia’s for your home!

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